Here you can see and buy my paintings. Each of them is unique and can not be replicated since the pouring process can not be completely controlled. I use high quality materials (Golden, Liquitex and Lascaux products, Nielsen Design wood frames, nontoxic ArtResin Epoxy Resin) and pay attention to details, so that my passion for art transpires through every image I create.

I hope you enjoy my works as much as I did creating them




My studio is the place where my real freedom begins. Doing what you love is not only a way of rewarding your courage to live your life as you always wanted to live it, but also a declaration of love to yourself.

However, life is also a patchwork of feelings and emotions and, in order to illustrate this in my work as well, I have developed my own collage technique by combining acrylic skins obtained via pouring.

Oaxaca Mood

One of my latest paintings. Great for a creativity boost in your room.