Real Freedom

My studio is the place where my real freedom begins. Doing what you love is not only a way of rewarding your courage to live your life as you always wanted to live it, but also a declaration of love to yourself.

Traveling and colors

Traveling around the world has exposed me to myriads of colors and emotions that freed my painting from its cleansing role from my own negativity by replacing the dark tones with bright new ones.

The tropical exuberance, the Asian chaotic life, the everchanging shades of blue of the sea, the misleading orange of the sand, the fabulous green of the forests and, most of all, the vital dance of the Latin Americans set my inner rhythm.

Motion and Fluidity

Fascinated by motion, I wandered through different painting styles and methods until the fluid art techniques finally allowed me capture the continuous flow of time and emotions in my work.
In a world where everything is changing since nothing is really permanent, the fluid art represents for me the metaphor of life. A life of joy and color.

Life is a patchwork of feelings and emotions